Thursday, May 11, 2006

VTK .NET to Sourceforge

I posted VTK .NET on 23 March and have had about one hundred people come to the site each week. I can see that people download examples, so it seems to run well. I have submitted a request for a Sourceforge site, using the BSD license, which is the same that VTK uses. That should take another week or two to process.

Bugs Discovered

  • I did not modify CMakeLists.txt for vtkMy or vtkLocal, which are the standard ways to wrap your own VTK C++ code for wrapper languages.

  • There seems to be a problem with vtk3DWidgets. They mostly work, but a few things do not work. For example, annotatePick.cs from the examples does not notify you of new picks.

What People Want Next

  • I saw a comment that the previous version of VTK .NET needed to wrap HWND types so that you could build a Windows Forms Control in C#. I've built one in managed C++, but I see the logic in the request, and I think I can add that translation to the wrapper code.

  • Two people who emailed me have commented that they are working on using VTK .NET within ASP.NET. One wanted to use it to generate images on the server side. The other is interested in the more ambitious project of providing manipulable 3D graphics, something that interests me, too. There are a number of challenges to making this happen, but it would clearly be a great thing to implement.